Roberta Posey

Posey.Roberta1.Working Wardrobes

Honoree: Roberta Posey

Honored by: Working Wardrobes

Cause Area: Economic and Workforce Development

Roberta Posey has been a dedicated Working Wardrobes volunteer for over 10 years!  “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Gandhi.  Roberta Posey truly lives by this quote.  She first heard about our volunteer opportunities through the Daily Newspaper and was looking for a way to give back in the community.  She began volunteering in 2008 as a personal shopper. Roberta would help clients on their way to reemployment find the perfect outfit for their interviews.

After volunteering as a personal shopper for many years, Roberta transitioned into a new volunteer role working with jewelry. Working Wardrobes needed a volunteer to work specifically with jewelry – sorting and distributing the jewelry for clients and the organization’s retail stores.  Roberta offered to help in this area because she has a degree and years of experience with Fashion Merchandising.  She has worked in many fashion boutiques in Orange County and has had her own business in the fashion industry.

She comes in every week to sort and organize our donated jewelry.

Roberta looks forward to our annual client events every year.  She not only comes in weekly but also dedicates her time to volunteer at our offsite events.  She travels every year down to the Camp Pendleton base and sets up for our Women’s Camp Pendleton event. Roberta organizes beautiful accessory displays, providing the final touches to the service ladies’ professional outfits.  Roberta is truly the final piece to a complete outfit, the sprinkle over a fashion recipe, and the sparkle to a client’s smile.

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